Moringa Benefits for Men’s Health

Moringa Benefits for Men’s Health


Moringa oleifera,
 locally also known as Sohanjna is fully loaded with nutrients. Moringa Oleifera leaves extract contains almost 92 essential nutrients and these nutrients play a vital role to keep you healthy but also prevent from different major diseases.  

Moringa is grabbing attention day by day for its high content of essential nutrients and is known as Superfood. Whereas, numerous benefits are attributed to Moringa leaves, whether in Tea or Powder form, It is also said to be beneficial for Men’s health & sexual performance.   

Men are more conscious about their sexual health because of their sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet. And here Moringa is a gift of nature for all men because of a bunch of nutrients and health benefits. In this article, we will discuss why and how Moringa oleifera is beneficial for male sexual health.

How does Moringa improve sexual performance?

Healthy sexual performance plays a vital role to makes your relationship more pleasant.

Vitamin A and Vitamin C content of Moringa plays a vital role in sperm production and its motility. It improves blood circulation throughout the body, especially in the Penis. Hence, contributes to maintaining a stronger erection. Moringa also improves the mood and prepares your mind and body for sexual drive.


Moringa Leaves for Erectile Dysfunction

 or erectile dysfunction is said to be an inability to keep an erection of the penis that firms enough for intercourse or sexual activity. 

Usually, erectile dysfunction is associated with your blood flow, accumulation of fat, or may other certain conditions like diabetes.

Moringa Leaves hold special compounds  Polyphenols which are highly beneficial for male health. Polyphenols directly improve blood circulation, especially to the penis by lowering blood pressure & enhancing nitric oxide production

Recent medical research reveals that Moringa leaves extract inhibits the release of enzymes that are linked with erectile dysfunction a result, blood flow to the penis increases and provides a stronger erection.


Moringa Leaves Extract for Pre-Mature Ejaculation

Moringa is enriched with a bunch of nutrients, which are associated with a lot of health benefits. For Pre-mature ejaculation, Zinc & Magnesium in Moringa plays a vital role to delay ejaculation.  Moringa is loaded with a suitable amount of both Zinc & Magnesium. They not just boost immunity and grow cells but also have a significant role in the production of testosteroneMagnesium plays a vital role to increase your time of climax.

Moringa contains a lot of other nutrients and amino acids that gradually improve your sexual health. It contains L-theanine and tryptophan which help to improve body mass and stamina and improve both Erectile dysfunction and Premature ejaculation.


Moringa Leaves For Prostate Health

Moringa Oleifera extract contains an amazing constituent, known as glucosinolates, a compound known for its anti-cancer properties. Multiple researchers claim that glucosinolates inhibit the enlargement of the prostate. It is also noted that moringa also prevents BPH benign prostate hyperplasia (Prostate gland enlargement) , by the passage of time and age this condition becomes more common & as a result, enlarges the prostate gland.

Moringa leaves powder not just inhibits the enlargement of the prostate gland but prevents it from many other ailments and complications. 

In a study, 20 patients with enlarged prostate served with Moringa leaves extract for 2 months and it shows an amazing reduction in enlargement and also cures the other urinary symptoms.



  Moringa For Lack of Sexual Desire

 In this condition, there is a lack of desire for sex or intercourse. This may develop in old age but in rare cases, it may also be found in young persons. A lot of reasons are revealed behind this condition;

like depression, anxiety, stress & hormonal disturbance. These conditions may also develop Sexual desire disorder with the passage of time. 

Medical study claims that Moringa leaves extract was given to 20 people suffering from Sexual desire disorder, and within 3 months 18 people get 60% improvement in their desire but also to the root cause.


 Moringa for Anorgasmia (difficulty reaching orgasm)

 Anorgasmia is defined as, a condition in which it is difficult to reach the climax stage of orgasm. If this condition is recurrent, it may depress you and also affects your psychological health. 

 Medical studies claim that regular consumption of Moringa powder or Moringa Tea can restore your body and mind from this condition. But also play a vital role to protect you from it. 



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