Sleepy Tea

Sweet Nights with Moringa and European Herbs

Organic Moringa Sleepy Tea – Supermix

Moringa Sleepy Tea blend promotes calming and restful sleep. 100% natural and organic. Naturally caffeine free. No artificial flavoring. No preservatives. The right combination and quality of each herb working together harmoniously makes all the difference.

Moringa leaves, Chamomile, Lavender and a blend of other precious herbs come together to create the delicious flavor of this sleepy tea. Moringa sleepy tea is based on the wisdom of herbal experts. This ancient recipe is excellent for calming your mind, nerves and to promote an easy and restful sleep.

Moringa Oleifera Skillfully blended for superior results! Only premium, top quality herbs go into our teas. We use fresh Moringa and European organic herbs to ensure the best results.

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