Phytolacca Berry Tea


Moringa Phytolacca Americana Berry

Moringa SlimFast Tea is a well-balanced blend of proven organic natural ingredients like Moringa oleifera, Phytolacca Americana Berries, Lemon Grass, Jati belanda,   and Mountain Green Tea for management of obesity, weight loss and digestion.

Moringa with European herbs’ infusion is truly natural and safe for effective relieves flabbiness, tones up abdominal muscles and controls constant rise in weight.

Organic Moringa especially contains Phytolacca Americana Berry and bladder wrack, It has favourable influence on digestion and helps to eliminate excess fat, and maintains healthy, active and vigorous life.

Three cups MORINGA SlimFast Tea daily makes you slim and smart. No any side effect is reported, 3 to 4  tea bags in  a day with lemon juice or honey.

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