5 Min read about Moringa Tea Super-Blends in Pakistan

5 Min read about Moringa Tea Super-Blends in Pakistan

Masood Phytoceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. is the first company in Pakistan to introduce the Moringa super Blends  (the miracle tree leaves infusion with European herbs) as delicious organic teas. Moringa oleifera also called the tree of life, is revered throughout the world as a sacred herb/Plantae infused with healing powers. It is considered to be the ‘super food’. Abundant in antioxidants which eliminate damaging free radicals in the body, nutrients as nourishing energy and amino acids as immune booster & muscle maker. Our moringa organic tea blends are not only great in taste but also offer relief from stress, poor sleep &  mood swings, increase energy, promote healthy metabolism which is vital to weight management, muscle strength and boost the immune system. Our Moringa organic tea blends and infusions come in delicious natural flavours and are available in teabags.

Life is a health journey, everyone’s health journey is unique and different. A journey of discovering, enjoying and facing challenges. As a scientific research-driven company committed to innovation, Masood Group has proven itself within the time span of ninety-seven years as a market leader with a broad portfolio of innovative and established remedies. The best way to maintain health is to preserve it and we at Masood are dedicated to providing the optimal health solutions that not only help preserve but also enhance the state of well-being. After 96 years Masood Group has established it’s self as a top tier Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical and Phytoceuticals company. As we have accumulated a vast pool of experience, we have now launched organic Moringa tea blends into the FMCG sector. We will use our Pharmaceutical and Phytoceuticals Businesses to be the backbone of the Group while rushing into the world of Consumer Goods. Masood has always been known for its quality and efficacy in the field of Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals since we became a part of the pharma sector. Today, we are happy to say that we are also chiefly known for our natural, organic and healthy lifestyle solutions providers into the consumer and prescription market of Pakistan.

Bringing new ventures with Homeovitality UK and state of the art technology into the business will be the cornerstone of our Phytoceuticals business, for it will be the new ideas that will bring us success. Organic health teas and organic cosmetics will be the focus of the new Phytoceuticals division of Masood Group. We are applying our herbal wisdom and knowledge from the natural pharma industry to manufacturing quality based consumer offers. We also wish to learn from European and American companies about their SOP’s and GMP’s, so that we truly have an international standard plant that is able to produce a variety of products that will be exported to various countries.

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