Natural Herbs for Skin Health and Beauty

Natural Herbs for Skin Health and Beauty

Skin is the most important and also the largest organ of the body. That’s why your overall health is linked with your skin health. Skin is the first line of defence but is also vulnerable to external elements. Numerous factors will affect  skin health, like:

  • Contact with ultraviolet rays.
  • Exposure for a long time to  Sun
  • Lack of nutrients, fluids, and especially rest.
  • Exposure to toxins of tobacco & other environmental pollutants

    Nowadays globally, skin ailments especially, facial ailments are a major concern. 
    And here, we will introduce you to 5 amazing herbs which play a vital role against skin ailments.1-         Hibiscus
    2-        Matcha
    3-         Moringa leaves
    4-        Mountains Green tea
    5-         Green Apple

    Benefits of Hibiscus for Skin


    What is Hibiscus and how does it Benefit your Skin?

    Hibiscus is a flowering plant also known as rose mallow and tropical Hibiscus.




    Hibiscus tea is prepared from its flowers and in different countries, it is known by different names. This tea is well known for its amazing red colour, taste, and amount of vitamin-c it contains in abundance.

    Latest studies show that it contains an amazing constituent named Alpha-hydroxy acids or in short AHAs. AHAs not only combat dry skin but also maintain the working of sebaceous glands and repair the damaged or blocked pores. It makes your skin smooth and healthy.


    Contains Antioxidants

    Hibiscus contains almost the same antioxidants that are found in cranberry and bilberry. Which helps to combat certain diseases. Recent studies reveal that its extract amazingly decreases LDL (bad cholesterol). Hibiscus is also being used in traditional & Ayurvedic medicine for digestive, kidney, and UTI problems.

    Some of its constituents work as laxatives and ease the problems of constipation.


    Anti-aging Property

    The main soldiers of AHAs are antioxidants,  named “Anthocyanocides”. These soldiers not only guard your face skin against pollutants and external stressors but also aids to make skin pores smaller.

    The regular intake of these ingredients makes skin moist, fresh, and healthy. It also has an attractive natural fragrance.

    Botox Properties

    Modern studies disclose that flowers of the Hibiscus plant work like botox treatment. Because it is fully loaded with vitamin C which enhances the production of collagen. It helps to maintain the firmness and nourishment of the skin.

    Heals the Pores

    Hibiscus detoxifies your skin pores and acts as a surfactant. It cleanses your skin naturally without deranging natural skin oil. As we discussed above, AHAs reduce the pore size and eliminate the dead cells and make your skin healthy and fresh


    Japanese Matcha for Skin & Hair Health

    Japanese Matcha is a green tea prepared from the leaves of the Camellia plant. The natural constituents present in Matcha tea help you in various ways to protect and nourish the skin.


    EGCG Epigallocatechin Gallate

    EGCG or “epigallocatechin gallate” is a plant compound that helps to reduce sebum production which means reducing inflammation and bacterial growth. Because these are the factors that play a vital role in the formation of acne and pimples.

    Sebum is a combination of fatty acids eliminated by glands. Sebum production is increased in response to environmental pollutants and causes excessive dryness of the skin. Hormonal imbalance is another major cause of excessive sebum production.

    Consuming EGCG which is abundantly found in Matcha also maintains the imbalanced hormones. EGCG binds with androgen which is a hormone. Excessive production of androgen hormone will increase sebum production. EGCG binds with androgen receptors reduces androgen activity and maintains moisturizing skin.


    Shields against UV Rays

    Chlorophyll absorbs the sunlight and converts that energy into nutrients. In the same way, it works on your skin. It absorbs ultraviolet rays and protects against certain skin ailments. It also has amazing anti-ageing benefits.

    Exposure to sunlight for a long time may increase the risk of photo-ageing and it appears in form of dark spots and wrinkles.

    A huge amount of chlorophyll in Matcha promotes your skin health and makes it fresh and bright.


    Moringa for Skin Health

    Moringa is being used for the past centuries for numerous health benefits.

    As USDA claims that Moringa oleifera leaves contain around 92 essential nutrients. Moringa is enriched in vitamin-A, which boosts the production of collagen.

    Our skin is mainly made up of collagen.

    Moringa also contains Vitamin-C, which amazingly works as an anti-ageing component. Moreover, it is also loaded with a healthy amount of vitamin E, which plays a vital role as an anti-inflammatory agent.


    Moringa for Soft & Smooth Lips

    Moringa has an amazing moisturizing effect. Yes, a good sign for your skin. That’s why Moringa is a prominent ingredient in numerous creams and lip balms. It makes your lips smooth and soft, also protects its lining from damage and cracks.

    Moringa’s ingredients work as antiseptic agents and it detoxifies your skin naturally. It works in numerous skin ailments like, burn patches, skin infections, wounds and cuts, insect bites, and sunburn.


    How does Moringa work against Acne and Dark circles?

    Moringa amazingly works against acne because of its antibacterial activity. It helps to combat certain bacterial infections. Also helps to remove dark circles, blisters, pimples, and also whiteheads and blackheads. Use Moringa extract on regular basis for long-term benefits.

    Moringa is also known as a blood purifier because it contains strong anti-oxidants which remove toxins combat inflammation and purify your blood. Purification is necessary, because toxins may accumulate and cause acne and pimples. It detoxifies your skin and makes it fair and clear.

    Moreover, Moringa heals the open pores of the skin and makes the skin tight and keeps it moisturized.


    Mountain Green Tea for Skin


    Green tea is also enriched in nutrients and anti-oxidants which have amazing medicinal properties.

    According to the latest medical research, the Major ingredients of green tea include EGCG, we know that it acts as anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. So it presents amazing results against acne and sebum production.

    Let’s understand the word Acne, Ace is said to be a condition results when an excessive amount of sebum blocks the skin pores and provides an environment for microbial growth.

    Actually, EGCG works as an anti-androgen agent which means it amazingly reduces your increased lipid levels. It lowers downs the sebum secretion in the skin and in response, ceases the development of acne and pimple.

    Androgen is said to be a hormone that our body produces. If androgen levels are fluctuating in your body it may lead to stimulating your sebaceous gland to produce more and more sebum as a result.

    Another new study reveals that consuming mountain green tea with Matcha & Hibiscus shown an amazing potential against certain skin derangements:

    • Atopic Dermatitis.
    • Genital Warts.
    • Acne
    • Pimples
    • Carbuncles
    • Boils
    • Androgenetic Alopecia.
    • Keloids

    Green Apple for Glowing  Skin

    We all heard that “Apple a day keeps the Doctor away”. But we also heard that just red apple is good for health as compared to green apple. Because it may be not fully ripped or maybe sour. But let me clear you that, Green apple also contains all nutrients and vitamins which should be a part of our daily diet. It contains almost all essential nutrients which are beneficial for your skin. Almost all facial masks, Face serums, and creams contain green apple extract.



    • Makes Skin tone Healthy

    Any kind of product which contains Green Apple extract has amazing potential to moisturize your skin and aids to maintain the natural tone of your skin in a healthy way. Green apple may also help you to make your skin hydrated.

    • Sustain Skin Nourishment

    Green Apple is highly enriched in multiple vitamins which maintain the health of your skin, make it brighter and enhance the nourishment of your skin. Green apple is a vital supplement in your daily skin regimen. Green Apple directly enhance the production of collagen and elastin protein which maintains the tone and colour of your skin.

    • Anti-Dandruff Agent

    The natural constituents of Green Apple have an amazing tendency to combat dandruff and fix it by nourishing the skin of your scalp. It exhibits an amazing result if used consistently for a reasonable time period.


    Moringa Beauty Tea – Super Mix of Moringa, Matcha, Hibiscus & Apple Green & Green Tea

    What if you take all these organic herbs in one cup of Tea?


    Masood’s Moringa Beauty Tea is a Super-blend of Moringa, Hibiscus, Japanese Matcha, Apple Green & Mountain green tea.  Because you are consuming all the essential and organic nutrients that your body needs on regular basis and almost we all have a lack of nutrients due to our lifestyle and diet. It fulfils the nutritional deficiency and its medicinal constituents will organically enhance your skin tone and combat Acne, Boils, Carbuncles, pimples, and keloids.



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